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South Horizons | Infrared Photography Workshop | 2 Oct 2022

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Date: 2nd October 2022

Time: 14:20-16:05

Location: Marina Square East Centre

Through the half-day trip with the theme "Infrared" in the South Horizons community, we would like to provide some knowledge about energy and draw people's attention to infrared. During the event, we introduced some basic concepts of infrared such as its characteristics, frequency, wavelength, category of radiation, etc. in order to increase their cognition of infrared.

We raised up some examples of infrared devices in our daily life such as TV remotes, smart water taps, solar camping tents, thermotic tests, etc. During the journey, we asked them if they have ever seen solar energy generation device in South Horizon and none of them have seen. Finally, they found a device on the roof of one Ap Lei Chau bus stop that they always pass through. Hence, we could illustrate the principles of infrared and educate people about its importance in the community.

Afterward, we could think about how we integrate renewable energy into society by observing the application of infrared, for example, the best place(s) where the solar panel or the wind turbine would be installed in Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park. Thus, through photographing with an infrared camera, people could recognise and acknowledge the occurrence of infrared in the community as well as notice infrared in our daily life more.

The three locations of the main route:

1. Look far into Lamma Island from South Horizons Garden

2. The solar panel in Ap Lei Chau Bus Terminus

3. Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park

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