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Project's Title

Exploring the role of big data analytics in promoting smart low-carbon cities:
A human-centered, community-based, and deep engagement approach in Hong Kong

Project's objectives


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SEE Smart Energy CommunityThis 3-year project will proceed in five iterative themes and 11 work packages (WPs) to ensure an integrative project design (Figure 2). We will start by refining our preliminary integrative framework (Figure 1)(WP 1) and household recruitment (WP2). We will then proceed to Theme 2 which will comprise three parallel sets of empirical WPs: App development (Theme 2A), deep engagement activities (Theme 2B), and household interviews (Theme 2C).

  • In Theme 2B, we will use a sequential approach to schedule three WPs to drive a desirable progression of deep engagement enabling processes, from envisioning (WP 5), to co-learning (WP 6), and to collective deliberative action (WP 7).

  • These three processes will be reinforced by partnership (WP 8) and a benchmarking programme (WP 9).

This will be followed by data management of 12 types of datasets (Theme 3) and synthesis of analysis (Theme 4). We will produce outputs to impact society (Theme 5).

Community Kitchen Garden


Integrates energy saving into your daily life &

brings solar energy into the HK communities


using SEE app mainly, to investigate the household electricity consumption and encourage energy saving


Hold workshops & discussions, to imagine how the community can make good use of & develop renewable energy

Bicycle in Asia

Expected impact...


Residents of the four communities, and by extension, schools, businesses and other communities, are building smart low-carbon energy 'home' and communities that will help Hong Kong reduce carbon to a safe level of 1.5°C and contribute to carbon reduction in Asia

Long Term Impact


Hong Kong

  • All communities use our smart low carbon community model and benchmarking index

  • Development of e.g. "Hong Kong Carbon Neutral Roadmap", community energy planning framework, data privacy regulatory framework, integration of publicly available data (e.g. energy use, air pollution)



  • Expanding the Green Campus Network

    • Establishing the Asian Low Carbon Cities-Universities Network (ALUN)

  • Enabling Asian communities to contribute to carbon reduction in Hong Kong

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Project milestones

Key milestones
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