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International Examples

SEE “Smart Energy Communities” is dedicated to inspiring households to explore the future of energy in their communities, including the development of solar and other renewable energy sources in their communities.

성대골 Seongdaegol ▪ Korea

The Seongdaegol community in Korea is a successful example of how citizen participation can build a “new energy structure and a new society”! Every third or fourth home in Seongdaegol community has a solar panel installed, it has the highest proportion of installations in Seoul. Together with community collaborative activities (e.g. energy library, solar doctors providing home energy diagnostics), they are pioneering the development of low carbon communities in Seoul.

In December 2011, the Seongdaegol Children's Library began creating the “Seongdaegol Energy Saving Station”, which checks the monthly electricity consumption of each household and writes it down in a chart. The attempt is to reduce the use of fossil fuels by installing solar power generators and solar heaters in houses to achieve energy independence and conversion.

Energy Supermarket - 'Super Macek'

This is not just a place to sell energy saving and energy efficiency products such as LED bulbs and solar chargers, but also an “energy friendly room” where residents can share and solve problems and concerns.

The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town ▪ Japan

The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town in Kanagawa Prefecture was transformed from a former TV factory into a community of 1,000 households. Each home is equipped with solar energy, storage batteries, fuel cells and a home energy management system to produce and store its own energy. The community streetlights are equipped with sensors that automatically adjust their brightness according to the number of people and vehicles. A car rental company is present in the community, allowing residents to rent shared vehicles. The community also has a co-operative that organizes energy and environmental activities to achieve a sustainable lifestyle through the power of the community and the help of intelligent infrastructure.


Fujisawaサスティナブル・スマートタウン公式サイト|FujisawaSST (藤沢市)

SAMSO Island ▪ Denmark

The Samso island in Denmark is a project for the sustainable use of energy, organized by the Danish Energy Agency with the participation of local residents. At the beginning of the project, the islanders were actively involved in discussions to take control of their quality of life. By taking shares in the wind turbines, the islanders are investing in the construction of onshore and offshore wind turbines, thus creating a 100% renewable energy island and revitalizing the local tourism industry.