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Sheung Shui & South Horizons | Community Envision Workshop🏡💭😆 | 27&28 January 2024

Updated: May 3

Date: 27th & 28th January 2024 (Sat, Sun)

《Community Envision Workshop》🏡💭😆 Envisioning together for our community!

Dreaming is well-known, but what is "envisioning"? 🤔

Last weekend, we ENVISIONED how to transform our homestead into a LOW-CARBON COMMUNITY with neighbours in Sheung Shui and South Horizons.💚 Envisioning is a community engagement model that encourages neighbours to conceptualise the future of their community for new development ideas in living spaces based on their understanding of the community, using practical and innovative thinking. During the process, we ought to set aside our preconceived notions to envision a practical low-carbon community! 🚌🚋🏘️⚡🔆💡

The neighbours endeavoured to discuss many interesting ideas! The neighbours in Sheung Shui suggested utilising small solar energy devices for daily lighting and charging and building more solar energy facilities in public spaces. ☀️The neighbours in South Horizons suggested property management develop solar energy for the community. We all emphasised the importance of the community engagement model. In essence, each person does their part. Through cooperation with our neighbours, we can establish a LOW-CARBON COMMUNITY together! 🤝🏻

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