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South Horizons | Young Energy Scientists | 20 Aug 2022

Date: 20th August 2022 (Sat)

Time: 09:00- 13:00

Location: South Horizons

We introduced climate change and the energy crisis with children participating in the activity. What's interesting is that they prefer English more than Cantonese. As a result, the activity was conducted in English. Yet, it did not stop the tutors and the Young Energy Scientists from enjoying the process. All of them were very concentrated and interested in the content.

It was their first time playing fruit power generation in the Young Energy Scientist summer class. They learnt that using copper sheets, zinc sheets and wires can generate electricity and light a small light bulb apart from solar power.

However, what they paid the most attention to was: "I want to eat lemons, I want to eat bananas, and the orange smells so good"... It seems that fruit can also "charge" the children in addition to generating electricity.

The Scientist who wants to eat lemon

The following are some photo highlights and videos of the day.

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