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Sai Kung | Weather Station DIY | 20 May 2023

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Date: 20th May 2023 (Sat)

Time: 10:00-12:00

Location: Sai Kung

This was the second lesson of the "Low Carbon STEM Course" titled "I am the Head of the Weather Station and the Energy-saving Detective in My Home." The focus of the lesson was a hands-on workshop on building a DIY weather station. Our Young Energy Scientists are using the IoT to check for weather information like temperature, humidity and pressure; and making their own weather station at home so that they can check the interior condition for their home!

Here was the sharing from our intern, Avana:

We had a really fun day with the group of the cute children. In the beginning, we shared some knowledge about weather and climate. They actively participated and made a great fun experience. Then, we built ourselves a "home weather station" which could detect the temperature, humidity, and pressure of that day. We all loved the process; the children flung into every detail of making the weather station, and they even decorate their "house" colourful and astonished. After finishing the station, we let them record the everyday weather on their "Records of Home Weather Station" and share their records with others.

It was very interesting that I could hang out with those cute kids. When we watched them engage in the workshop so actively and blissfully, they also made us a great day. It was really adorable that they made their "home weather station" passionately and design it heartily. In the end, when we let them fill the records, they still seriously finished their last mission.

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