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《Energy-Saving Tips You Should Know》Series | Ep.1 Top 3 Electricity Guzzling Monsters

Updated: Mar 19

Do you know the top 3 home appliances that consume the most electricity among Hong Kong citizens?🤨⚡⚡

⭐《Energy-Saving Tips You Should Know》Series - Ep.1 ⭐

It is our privilege to have Lam Chiu-Ying, the esteemed meteorologist, natural scientist, and former Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, as our guest to covey the top 3 "electricity-guzzling monsters" at home!😎

Know what appliances consume the most electricity and learn to save your utility bill!

🌟Top 3 appliances consuming the most electricity at home?

🌟The weather in Hong Kong is sweltering and has reached 35ºC recently, how can we use air-con eco-friendly?

🌟Why do (What kind of) electric kettles waste electricity? How can we save energy from it?

🌟"Regularly cleaning appliances can save energy", do you agree?

🌟What does it mean not to waste electricity? Is there a principle for household electricity consumption?

🌟One energy-saving tip from Chiu-Ying

Watch the video now:

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