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Sai Kung - Cherry | SEE Mate Sharing

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

We are glad to invite Cherry, who lives in Sai Kung, to have a sharing with us her SEE Mate experience in using the SEE App.

Sai Kung - Cherry | SEE Mate Sharing

Because I know the world is facing an energy crisis and our next generation may not get sufficient water, electricity, gas, or other fossil fuel, I hope the crisis can be told to the next generation as soon as possible. Young Energy Scientist (YES) project provides kids with different star-metal missions and organises many workshops. My whole family can enjoy the project, so I would like to take part in it.

Smart Sensor can let me monitor the electricity usage of every appliance and note that using this air-con needs so much energy through the SEE App. Thus, I aware of where the electricity was wasted and get rid of the habit of wasting energy.

It went like clockwork, just finished within 20 minutes. The installation of the sensor was completed by a professional electrician, while a staff member from HKBU was present to explain the process. So, I think it is very smooth and professional.

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