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Fairview Park - Alan | SEE Mate Sharing

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

We are glad to invite Alan, who lives in Fairview Park, Yuen Long, to have a sharing with us his SEE Mate experience in using the SEE App.

Fairview Park, Yuen Long - Alan | SEE Mate Sharing

I installed this SEE app that provides data on electricity consumption per minute. With it, I can instantly notice any abnormal electricity usage in my home, such as suddenly turning on the air conditioning, which could result in a significant increase in electricity consumption. I can also monitor whether doing laundry affects electricity consumption. By checking the real-time data on the app, I can take immediate action to achieve energy-saving results.

Furthermore, I could try some energy-saving methods in the app, such as the pushed tips during hot days: increasing the temperature of the air-conditioner while using a fan. When I try the suggestion, I should check the electricity usage at 22℃ first. Then, I turn up the air-con to 25℃ and turn on the fan. After that, I can check whether the electricity usage gets improved, thus, I can figure out if different changes in using appliances achieve the goal of saving energy.

Through the app, not only could I check my electricity usage but also the collected data are analysed for the community. Hence, we can compare our usage with the total electricity usage of the community. For instance, we notice the usage of our neighbour is lower than ours and then we could think about how we could save more energy; or we notice the usage of a month is lower and then we could share the tips for saving energy with others. In consequence, we could accomplish the energy-saving goal of the community.

The app will personalise some tips for the user, for example, the aforementioned tips regarding using air-con were suggested because of my frequent use of air-con.

Besides, the app gets a chatting bot "SEE crab", I can chat with him immediately to check my electricity usage or acquire some solutions about saving energy from him.

I found that after logging in to the app, there would be some energy-saving tasks at times. If I finish those tasks, I would get an "Energy Saving Coin", which can be exchanged with gifts and is really encouraging for saving energy.

SEE APP and research activities could drive some changes for the community, such as regularly organising some energy-saving events that make people understand what renewable energy is, or even learn how to use renewable energy in their life. Through these connections, we could increase the interaction in the community and even save money and the future during saving energy.

HKD 700 supermarket coupons can be earned after joining the programme. When it's gone, it is gone, everybody just seise the chance!

In my ideal intelligent energy community, my first thought is green, including many trees; everyone has low emission environment, uses electrical vehicles more than petrol cars; generate power with solar panel, for example, installing solar panel on a bike for little gadgets (e.g. little fan), kids can blow bubbles while they are riding a bike. Therefore, community-wise, we could make some cooperations such as in school, children could learn these things, which could result in saving energy and a sustainable developmental future.

Recently it is sizzling, the Very Hot Weather Warning is even in force by Hong Kong Observatory. Hoping we could save energy through this slogan "Very Hot Weather Warnings come frequently, just play in the style of net-zero and low carbon while saving energy".

"Installation, Visualisation, Rewards, Workshops", let's integrate energy saving into your daily life & bring solar energy into the HK communities.

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