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Fairview Park | Solar Envisioning Workshop | 29 Oct 2022

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Date: 29th October 2022

Time: 10:00-12:00

Location: Fairview Park, Yuen Long

Through the exchange forum, residents understand more about the potential benefits of using solar energy and the challenges of installing solar panels. One resident shared that the electricity generation is efficient because of the sufficient sunlight in Fairview Park. However, one of the difficulties of installing big solar panels on the roof is hard to maintain them. There are many birds and their faeces would mess up the solar panel. Besides, Low precipitation in winter leads to more remaining faeces and lower efficiency of electricity generation. He suggested using a high-pressure washer to clean the solar panel and contacting the related organisation to have some maintenance.

Another resident mentioned that we need to regularly monitor the electricity generation condition of the solar panel on the app as well as actively contact the related organisation to review the condition of the solar panel. We must contact them immediately if we find any abnormal situation to investigate the reasons. There were staff of property management who received the opinions and needs of the residents in order to increase the development of solar energy usage in the community.

The residents seised the opportunity to communicate with the professionals in the solar energy industry to acquire more information and improvement in their solar energy usage. During the discussion with the researchers of Hong Kong Baptist University, they got much advice about new applications of solar energy in the community and suggested new installations in different locations such as the roof of the car park, upper location on the river, rooftop, or roof of the houses.

The solar household exchange forum provides a valuable opportunity for professionals and Fairview Park residents to exchange their ideas about installing solar panels in their houses. They also give advice on adopting solar energy in the community. We hope to see more successful installations of solar panels and welcome more participation and discussion among the residents.

The following are some photo highlights of the day:

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