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HKBU SEE Summer Camp | 15 Jul 2023

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Date: 15th July 2023 (Sat)

Time: 12:30-17:00

Venue: HKBU

Summer Camp Summary

SEE project mid-term ceremony cum Little Scientist Summer camp, was held on 15 July 2023, from 12:30 to 5:00 pm, in TriAngle (credit to Centre for Innovative Service-learning, CISL). On that day, we gathered over 100 participants, including our research households from four Smart Low-carbon Energy communities, and organisational partners from schools, a power company, a property management company, environmental groups, women’s associations and other NGOs.

During the event, we first invited the Ambassadors for Energy Saving from Tuen Mun Healthy City and our colleagues to showcase a well-designed Energy-Saving Dance, and also encouraged our participants to dance together. Then, it was a prize presentation ceremony to acknowledge our Little Scientists who completed a series of smart energy workshops. After a short break, we were glad to have the former Director of Hong Kong Observatory Lam Chiu Ying to give us a talk on how to maintain a low-carbon lifestyle at both individual and community levels. Finally, we prepared a treasure hunt comprised of 4 mini experiential activities and a visit to HKBU Solar System and Crop Lab. All participants learnt tips on sustainable lifestyle through enjoyable activities.

Summer Camp Group Photo:

Energy-Saving Dance

SEE project team, CISL colleagues from HKBU, and Ambassadors for Energy Saving from Tuen Mun Healthy City designed an Energy-Saving Dance. Through the simple body movements and lyrics, not only did elderlies and children joyfully dance together, but also delivered some tips for daily energy saving. The participants enjoyed so much by showing their smiling faces.

Lam Chiu Ying’s Talk:

By comparing the different habits of electrical appliances usage by our parents’ generation and us, we explicitly understand how climate change affects each of us. Against this backdrop, Mr Lam first shared energy-saving tips from the household level, including alternative ways to reduce energy consumption by being aware of some easily overlooked electrical appliances. Mr Lam then led the discussion on how individual efforts can be transformed into social impact, which encouraged the participants to be the community leader who can promote the awareness of practising low-carbon lifestyles, hence, leading to a sustainable society.

Event 1: A visit to HKBU Solar System and Crop Lab

Guided by our project members, the visit to HKBU's sustainable efforts including a middle-scale solar system and a newly established crop laboratory successfully widened the participants’ imagination in reflecting on the possibility of practicing a community-based low-carbon energy system.

Event 2: Art Jamming

Guided by our project team members, this activity allowed participants to envision a smart energy community. Particularly, children and their parents left aside feasibility or practical constraint, but drew out what they perceived as included in a sustainable community, e.g., installing solar panels in all external walls of residential buildings, utilizing wind power besides the residential areas. This allowed the participants to project an image of a community-led sustainable society.

Event 3: Online Energy Map Workshop

Utilizing a real-time big data, this online energy map workshop enabled participants to envision a sustainable future with smart data technologies, such as using Geographic Information System (GIS) technique to understand how an online solar map can visualize energy for decision-making.

Event 4: Game booths (being a smart household ball game and energy card game)

These educational games are aimed at arousing participants’ awareness of choosing a low-carbon lifestyle. Specifically, the award-winning energy card game – Little Energy Guardian and the exciting ball game allowed children to reflect on their energy consumption habits, and try to make smarter choices after being given more information about how individuals could bring impact to community.

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