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The Wings, Tseung Kwan O | SEE Service Station | 13 February 2024

Date: 13th February 2024 (Tue)

SEE Service Station wishes everyone good luck in saving energy!⚡🏘️🧧💝

If you want to save energy every day this Year of the Dragon, you should get to know a great companion: the SEE App! 📱🤳🏻

Recently we handed out fortune bags around The Wings in Tseung Kwan O and shared the SIX functions of the SEE App with the neighbours, ensuring that everyone has a chance to save energy this year! The best function of the SEE App is monitoring your home's real-time electricity consumption. Many households shared their most surprising discovery: 'It turns out that electricity is still being used even when no one is home!' Appliances that are plugged in and in standby mode continuously consume energy. If you have a dozen or more appliances consuming energy simultaneously, the electricity bill will really add up!

SEE kindly reminds you: when each person does their part and starts building good energy-saving habits at the beginning of the year, it can lead to 'abundance' in energy savings for our community! ⚡🏘️

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