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Sai Kung - William | SEE Mate Sharing

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

We are glad to invite William, who lives in Sai Kung, to have a sharing with us his SEE Mate experience in using the SEE App.

Sai Kung - William | SEE Mate Sharing

In fact, Smart Sensor mainly collects data for analysis. It helps us know our electricity usage including mine. It is quite meaningful that SEE App makes everyone interactive. Through the app, the collected data can provide some information we need for our improvement. Since we focus on energy improvement, how to save energy and being eco-friendly, I believe using SEE App can be our mutual benefit.

Overall, it was quite simple because the electrician just found the main line of electricity in the distribution board and install the smart sensor with the line. The process was really straightforward; the gadgets and equipment is small after the installation. It was no big deal and basically direct and simple.

I think we should make use of eco-friendly technology more such as the well-known solar energy. I noted that my neighbour has started and tried to use devices or facilities of solar energy such as solar panel that is environmentally friendly to the world. I believe that would be a more direct, general, and easier way to become a smart energy community.

Let us install, visualise, reward, and workshop; integrate energy saving into your daily life & brings solar energy into the HK communities!

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