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Our Interns won 1st runner-up in Green Energy Dreams Come True Competition

Updated: Jan 4

Green Energy Dreams Come True Competition, hosted by HK Electric, encourages secondary and tertiary students to realise their green energy dreams promoting decarbonisation, energy efficiency, and conservation, as well as renewable energy.

It is our honour that 3 of our interns, Sharon Cheung, Keith Lo, and Tommy Tang, got 1st runner-up in their project, "Little Energy Guardian". It is an experiential learning project that enhances children’s awareness of energy efficiency through interactive games, encouraging them to acquire energy-saving habits.

The interactive card game aims to be an energy conservation teaching tool for children and intends to target children with intellectual disabilities too. The theme is therefore set to promote energy efficiency and sustainability, so energy efficiency labels and stimulation of household electricity usage are included in order to let the children learn how to optimise electricity use while maintaining comfort and convenience.

SEE project works together with "Little Energy Guardian" to promote good energy-saving habits through workshops in communities and schools.

Congratulations to Sharon, Keith, and Tommy for their achievement in the competition! We are glad to be involved in their planning and implementation process for their card game. We hope that more young leaders can be trained through our internship and community workshops to save energy and promote low-carbon lifestyle.

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