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[Contest Promotion] Carboncare Innolab | Solar Future Challenge 2024

【Solar Future Challenge 2024】

Under the circumstance of climate change, grassroots and marginalised communities will be impacted more significantly than ordinary people. However, their needs in addressing the climate crisis are often overlooked. Climate change usually worsen the existing social problems, for example, under heavy rain⛈, outdoor workers confront bigger safety risks; the destruction of waterlogging will exacerbates the burdens on low-income families; lack or insufficiency of disaster prevention, etc.

Solar Energy can midigate climate change and solve some social problems. CarbonCare Innolab's "Solar Future Challenge 2024" encourages youth to integrate solar enegry☀️ into daily life with their creativities in order to help those who are suffering climate change.

Participants need to identify social problems caused by climate change in Hong Kong, thereby designing and making a solar-powered device for affected comunities. Three contest groups are set up, senior primary, junior secondary and senior secondary. The victor will receive monetary rewards to further develop their devices and have an online exhibition of their devices.

Looking forward to promote climate justice with you, and make a more integrative and sustainably developing Hong Kong!

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