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Severe Cold in the 24 Solar Terms is no longer "Severe Cold" #CliamteChange

Updated: Mar 27

Do you know what day the last Saturday (20 Dec) is? 👀

— The 24 Solar Terms' Sever Cold! ☃️❄️

Severe Cold is traditionally the coldest day in the year in the 24 Solar Terms. However, this year, the urban temperature on the date of Severe Cold was 24.6℃😰, making it the warmest recorded temperature on this solar term in this half-century! 😳 Meanwhile, it was also the second warmest since 1969 (the warmest recorded temperature in Severe Cold was 26.4℃ in 1969). Climate change has become a sign of the times! 😢😪

Let's learn to save energy while keeping warm in the following three ways⚡🏠🫡😤

【Clothing Section】

Top 4 Cold-Weather Essentials and Tips for Staying Warm!

Today is cloudy and rainy, which makes it damp and cold. With the wind chill effect under the strong wind, it'll feel (perceived temperature) even colder than the actual temperature! Remember to put on your heavy coats 🧥, don hats 🧢🎩, scarves 🧣, and gloves 🧤; and layer up using "Onion" 🌟LAYER CLOTHING🌟 to keep warm! Also, dressing warmly can reduce the need for heating or electric fan heaters! 🤩


Inner layer: Wearing heat-tech, wool underwear, etc.

Middle layer: Focus on warm clothing like down jackets or wool sweaters, etc.

Outer layer: Choose outerwear that suits the weather, such as waterproof and warm jackets on rainy days

【Diet Section】

Have some comforting foods, usually ones you personally enjoy and find soothing.

For example, a bowl of chicken soup can evoke a sense of warmth and comfort, easing tension, lifting your mood, and making you feel at home. 🍲

Ranked third among cold-fighting drinks: Hot Ginger Tea 🫖🫚

It has a warming effect, but it's best consumed when returning home after being out.

Ranked second among cold-fighting drinks: Black Tea 🔴🫖

Because the theaflavins in black tea promote blood circulation.

Ranked first among cold-fighting drinks: Hot Chocolate ☕🍫☺️🔥

It has a warming effect lasting up to 59 minutes, as the cocoa polyphenol (flavonoids in cocoa) promotes blood circulation.

【Lifestyle Section 🛋️】

If you need to use heating/heat fans, REMEMBER:

  • Close doors and windows tightly to avoid wasting heat! 🚪🪟

  • Direct the outlet of the heat fan downwards ⬇️⤵️

  • Indoor heat can easily escape through windows, so consider using thermally insulated floor-length curtains to reduce heat loss and enhance indoor insulation. 👍🏻

Want to save electricity while keeping your home warm? 😳

Consider using an electric heating pad instead of a heater when sleeping, 🛌🏻

You can save up to 40-60% on electricity! 🤩

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