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About the
“Smart Energy Communities”...

Industrial Smoke

About Energy...

Energy, the Earth's precious resource, is divided into renewable and non-renewable sources. However, mankind's over-reliance on non-renewable energy sources for power generation produces large amounts of greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide (CO2).

In 2019, all energy consumption in Hong Kong:
286,488 terajoules

​Residential accounts for 21% of:
61,026 terajoules

Annual carbon dioxide (CO2) generated from residential energy consumption in Hong Kong
= approximately 104,000,000 trees felled

The number of trees cut down for the equivalent of residential energy consumption alone could fill 84%of Hong Kong.


Current Challenges



Rising concentrations of greenhouse gasses are causing climate change, with the most obvious impact on Hong Kong being the rise in global average temperature.

The total number of hot days per year in Hong Kong has increased/increased sharply in recent years, while the total number of cold days per year has gradually decreased.

Climate change not only affects our daily needs (e.g. food) and the environment, but also severely damages the ecosystems that are inextricably linked to us.

If we continue with the current rate of growth in greenhouse gas emissions and do nothing to reduce them, the consequences will be unimaginable.


We citizens can also contribute!

The Hong Kong Government has launched the 2050 carbon neutrality target and is actively developing renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions.

The fight against climate change cannot be left to governments and businesses alone, but requires the participation of all of us.

Let's work towards carbon neutrality, set personal emission reduction targets and change our energy-consuming and high-carbon lifestyle in the fight against climate change.

Residential Apartment Building

 Our Solutions
       Build a low carbon
“Smart Energy Communities”

We will work with 600 households in four communities in Hong Kong over a three-year period from 2022 to 2024 to build a low-carbon, energy-smart community.

Smart energy households can practice low carbon communities by:

  • “SEE-HK” Mobile App

    • Checking and tracking electricity consumption at home

    • Developing energy saving habits

  • Participate in low-carbon activities in the community

Exploring the future of energy in the community

“SEE Smart Energy Communities” is dedicated to inspiring households to explore the future of energy in their communities, including the development of solar and other renewable energy sources in their communities.

The Seongdaegol community in Korea is a successful example of how citizen participation can build a “new energy structure and a new society”!

Every third or fourth home in Seongdaegol community has a solar panel installed, it has the highest proportion of installations in Seoul.

Together with community collaborative activities (e.g. energy library, solar doctors providing home energy diagnostics), they are pioneering the development of low carbon communities in Seoul.

Using a Touch Phone

Your participation

You can become a “Smart Energy Household”,

Transform yourself and your community through the 4 dimensions of “Installation, Visuaalization, Rewards and Workshops”. Imagine, design and practice how to use energy wisely and live a low-carbon life of “See More, Save More, Partcipate More”!

       The green future
we are looking forward to

3 sees.png

"SEE Smart Energy communities"
gives residents three ways to "see"

Through these three ways to "see", we are working together with our residents to build a low-carbon community and build a sustainable future for Hong Kong.

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