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ALUN | 線上本科生慎思討論工作坊「通過公民參與實現低碳轉型」| 2023年3月27日


香港 X 首爾 X 台北 X 佛山 X 京都

「Achieving Low Carbon Transitions Through Citizen Engagement (通過公民參與實現低碳轉型)」由亞洲低碳城市大學網絡 (ALUN)舉辦


時間:09:30-11:00 (香港時間) / 10:30-12:00 (韓國標準時間/日本標準時間)


平台: Stanford Online Deliberation Platform 及 Zoom



專題研討環節 Panelary session

  • 由A組提問之問題:「什麼項目或活動可以吸引多個年齡段的人?」[Group A's Question: What could be a project or activity that engage multiple age group?]

  • 由C組提問之問題:「社會在低碳轉型上更應該關注哪個年齡段?」[Group C's Question: Which age group should society more focus on, on behalf of low-carbon transition?]

  • 由G組提問之問題:「邊緣化群體如何將他們的意見更有效地傳遞給政界?」[Group G's Question: How marginalized groups can have their opinions better delivered to politics?]

  • 由F組提問之問題:「如何引導低電價和老齡化社會邁向低碳轉型?」[Group F's Question: How to steer the low electricity price and ageing society towards low-carbon transition?]

  • 由6組提問之問題:「公共教育如何做才能推動低碳轉型?」[Group 6's Question: How can public education be done to promote low-carbon transition?]

  • 由A組提問之問題:「哪些習慣可以輕鬆適應低碳生活方式?」[Group A's Question: Which habits can be easily adapted to a low-carbon lifestyle?]

  • 由F組提問之問題:「不同政府的角色如何與利益相關者互動?」[Group F's Question: How do the roles of different governments interact with stakeholders?]


大合照及小組討論 Group Photo & Discussion Room highlights


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